Free Calls

DestinationsLimit Per Call
60 Minutes
UK Land Line60 Minutes
USA60 Minutes
India10 Minutes
Nigeria5 Minutes
Thailand5 Minutes
UK Mobile Lines10 Minutes
  • You must have bought at least $10 Connectcallers Credit in the preceding month in order to be eligible for free calls this month. (Example: If you buy a total of $10 credit in January; you will be eligible for Free Calls in February.)
  • Only calls that are less than the limit specified above are free. Standard rates will apply to the entire call when the limit above is exceeded.
  • Free calls are only available to customers that have accounts and load credits to the account. Customers that use the card like a regular callingcard without loading it will not have access to the Free Calls.
  • You must have some credit in your account in order to make the free calls. You will not be able to make a call if your balance is $0.

The number of Free Calls that you can make must not exceed 30 different calls within a month. You will be charged for all subsequent calls at the low standard rates as soon as you exceeds this limit.