Engagement through motivation

A regular pay cheque, a raise here or there or yearly bonuses are motivators that become familiar and less rewarding over time. The majority of employees report that appreciation is more motivating than money when it comes to their work. This makes sense as the need for belonging and to feel loved (appreciated) is one of our basic human needs. Appreciation however, is only part of the picture because it tends to happen periodically.

Think about when you are truly engaged in something. You’re excited, focused and almost obsessed with following through to the end or next part. How can you have every one of your people behaving like that when they come to work? Another company picnic? Probably not.

In order to truly and continually engage your people you need to begin to think of yourself as the engagement facilitator. Do your people know your vision? If you asked them what the mission statement of the company was would you be happy with the response? Are you overflowing and ridiculously passionate about the business that you are in? If you are not, then you have to start with you. You are after all, the engagement facilitator and the one who inspires your people to excellence.

The success of your company is the success of your people. 

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