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Organizations exist if they remain competitive in the market place. The challenge faced by many organizations is remaining competitive over the long run.

Researches have long indicated that to achieve success an organization has to be good at business fundamentals like strategy, marketing, finance, and technology, called being smart is only half of the equation. The other half of the equation is about the organization being healthy. Being healthy speaks to having minimal confusion and politics, high degree of productivity and morale and very low turnover among good employees. On top of the challenge of having the two pieces of smart and health to deal with, many organizations are having challenges at executing or implementing their strategies.

An organization needs to have a competitive advantage that will be difficult for its competitors to copy or purchase. We believe that if an organization excels in strategy execution; creates a work environment that makes its employees productive while enjoying their work; and is healthy it will be able to sustain its competitive advantage.

The Sustainable Competitive Advantage assessment (SCA) seeks to bring the perspectives of all organizational stakeholders together regarding their strengths and improvement areas in respect of strategy execution, work environment and organizational health.

SCA creates opportunity for dialogue and engagement of all stakeholders with the goal of building an organization that is competitive and continually improving to benefit all stakeholders.

SCA is more than an satisfaction, engagement, or health survey as it combines multiple surveys with employee stay (instead of exit) interview and adds the dimension of strategy execution.

The SCA has 3 main domains:

  1. Strategy Execution with 3 factors:
    1. Strategic Leadership
    2. Employee Strategic Focus
    3. Competency Development
  2. Work Environment with 3 factors:
    1. HR Business Alignment
    2. Safety and Wellness
    3. Structure and Process
  3. Organizational Health with 4 factors:
    1. Employee Loyalty
    2. Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
    3. Change Experience
    4. Culture

Team and Individual:

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